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Poster: Jobygoob Date: Feb 26, 2010 9:17am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: A Challenge

"In fact, I have come to realize that there can be something really compelling about an overwt, broken down guitar player on his last legs inspiring someone to yell out the words so he doesn't forget them while thinking about his next hit during space..."

I believe Jerry had teleprompters displaying the lyrics by the time you are talking about. I think around then more people would yell, scream, and get excited whenever Jerry showed flashes of his former genius and came out of his self imposed stupor long enough to invoke some of the inspirational wonder he could so routinely display ten to fifteen years prior.

That said, I have mined 1989 and Brent era 1990 for pretty much all they're worth from these archives, and I genuinely find much more to be excited about than I find the stinkers of the following years or the several years prior to that. I guess I'd consider those shows to be my favorites because they bring to mind all the memories of my times seeing the Dead when I myself was at the peak of my abilities. Putting on a show I attended, remembering who I was there with, what I did before, during, and after the concert, is totally unique and brings so much more to the listening experience. It also makes it harder to divorce myself from the actual sounds that are offered. It matters much less to me if Jerry was a little off key or blew a lead here and there if at the same time I have a memory of putting my arms around my little waifish deadhead girlfriend in the crowd during that tune. I guess that's a diluted experience when compared to the purity of listening to a piece of music purely for its technical merits, but where then is the joy in that? I think the art of this music is supposed to make you feel and experience, and it can lose something essential when examined too closely for the best this or greatest that.

There's still so much to discover, though. It's why I can't really commit to a series of years or an era or whatever as my favorite. I just recently for the first time heard the full acoustic set of the 5-1-70 show with the totally unique versions of Mama Tried and Me & My Uncle, and was once again blown away that I've been listening to this band for almost thirty years now and still can find so much amazing "new to me" stuff to cream over.

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Poster: William Tell Date: Feb 26, 2010 9:52am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: A Challenge

Yeah, I can understand that compelling aspect of the show, and it sounds like you don't go around giving everyone you attended an automatic 5 stars!, so we got no issues! I do have the exact same feeling for the two shows I am always talking to JOTS and BD about here: 6-17 and 9-28 75, for exactly the reasons you outline...I have to admit I still don't listen to them though, but I think of them in the same way. I do have a nice recording of the Jun show, and will put on the CFingers and PegO every once in a while.